A blog is meant for enjoying. Whether it be the readers or the writer. So I title this blog Journal of Joie, french for joy. I know that this is just another blog in the thousands created everyday, but I am hoping that somebody will find this enjoyable. For that is the idea of this blog--joy!

My name is Sam Benjamin, and I have experience with different blogs, so I know what I am doing on a blog! I decided to create a blog, for I think I can really create an enjoyable post for you to read. This is my journal of adventures, and I created it during the summer, where there are a ton of adventures! This summer, you have a lot to look forward to, such as a cruise and various small road trips!

Another reason you will enjoy this blog, is that I have a variety of interests that I like love obsess over in writing! One of them, which is why instead of the blog title "Journal of Joy" it is "Journal of Joie" is French. I especially love Paris, France but everything French impresses me. The culture, the food, the people, the architecture, the history! I love the French! And this year, I will begin to learn French, so that is definitely something to look forward to!

Cooking is my main passion. I will be a chef one day, but for now, I read at least ten food blogs a day and cook all the time. Also, I do a summer program at an amazing culinary school and learn many techniques related to food and cooking. I love cooking, and will definitely express my love for it on this blog, and I hope you find that enjoyable!

Wait! I have one last "obsession." That is the most amazing show on earth, Glee! I love the show, and although it is not always on, when it is, you can count on me to talk to you about it. I will try not to get to involved, though! One thing I love is how different all the characters are. You can really relate to them, for Glee is the best mix of everything. And when I am not watching Glee, I am reading books, another passion.

I hope to post about a very enjoyable topic very soon, but for now, Au revoir et merci!